The Adventures of Mark Anthony [part IV]

Mark Anthony were the best of friends in many ways. For one thing…


MARK: Anthony’s best friend

ANTHONY: Mark’s best friend


Mark sat on a sofa, reading his favorite book. Anthony sat across from him, reading his second-favorite book. He couldn’t read his first-favorite because Mark had it. After a while he sighed, and put his book down.

“Mark?” he asked in a forlorn tone.

“Yes?” came a reply from behind the pages.

“I’ve been feeling sad lately.”

Mark put down his book to give Anthony his full concentration.

“You talk and I’ll listen,” he said.

“That is just what I wanted,” smiled Anthony, and began his sad tale. “I was walking home yesterday and it was really cold. And it made me feel sad. Really, really sad. It also made me feel cold. Plus, I am at that point in learning to juggle when I’m getting worse rather than better.”

Mark solemnly nodded his head to socially signal he understood, but did not interrupt Anthony.

“I have so many things that I need to remember that I make list after list until I can’t remember where I put the most recent one and start doing things that became irrelevant a month ago but I never crossed off. I fear that my excessive list-making will make my memory worse, but if I don’t make them, I forget things! If there is something I must remember and I think when I get home, I’ll put that on my list, when I get home that thought has flown the coop like a lone turtle. It has also become an obsession of mine to write down trivial tasks or things I have already done just so I can cross them off.”

That being said, he leaned forward, pulled a small piece of paper out of his bag, and crossed off Talk to Mark about List-making Problem.

“Anyway,” he said, “I can’t talk anymore. I have things to do.”

“I understand,” said Mark.

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