Two perfectly normal people having a perfectly normal conversation:


Joe and Harry sit on a bench together, watching the trains go by. Joe eats a tuna sandwich and Harry holds a large mug full of coffee.

A train whistle sounds.

HARRY: Why does a train whistle when it’s coming into the station?

JOE: I suppose so people will know it’s there.

Harry sips his coffee.

HARRY: Kind of hard to miss.

JOE: I married Agatha on a train. We fell over a lot.

HARRY: It’s too bad that didn’t last.

JOE: But then I met Ruth.

HARRY: Things like that never do.

JOE: And we never rode the train.

HARRY: I always liked Agatha.

JOE: You mean Ruth.

HARRY: No, I mean Agatha. I love her. We’re getting married.

JOE: (looks at Harry) Where?

HARRY: In a church.

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