The Adventures of Mark Anthony – Part ???

“In a Pickle”


“What’s wrong, Mark?” asked Anthony.

Mark sighed. “I’m in a pickle.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Anthony.

“Yes,” said Mark, “The company spliced my DNA with a Kosher Dill.”

“Oh so that’s what’s wrong with you.”

“A pickle is a small cucumber preserved in vinegar, brine, or a similar solution.”

“I know what a pickle is.”

Mark looked him deeply in the eyes. “Can you still love me, Anthony, warts and all?”

Anthony thought about it.

“Yeah, maybe.”



I Had the Weirdest Dream Last Night…

In all fairness, compared to the typical unusual level of my dreams, last night’s was extremely tame.

I dreamed I was going to the hospital for important surgery, but on my way to the car I decided to head back into my house to grab a notebook and some more miso soup.


Once inside— where I was suddenly a tavern worker— I decided to help myself to the soup on the table of this husband and wife. The soup was now bean soup for some reason.

As I was leaning over their table, helping myself, the woman stood up and accused me of hitting on her husband. I was shocked. Then she just kind of disappeared, and something fell into the pot I was ladling out of.

I asked her husband where she’d gone. He said she was a witch, and was now in the soup. If she was in the main soup pot on the table I was safe, but if she’d fallen into MY soup bowl and I ate it, she would kill me by burning all the flesh off of my body.

I knew that I probably shouldn’t take the chance, but I still kind of wanted to eat it, because it was really good soup.

As I was deciding what to do my cat jumped on my face and woke me up.

Job Interview

Job interviews are an always odd and usually unpleasant experience. Particularly if you’re not qualified to do anything except drink tea & complain.


I think this comic says it all.

On jobs, strange requirements for:

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