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I’m available for contract work in several different areas. To ask for more information or to hire me, visit the Contact page.


P1570729.jpgI make short videos for Seattle-based artist of all mediums. Whether you want to create a How-to video, Artist intro, or Studio Tour, each video is specific to you as an artist.

It’s important to me to make high-quality, professional videos which allow your voice and style to come through naturally. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

To see videos I’ve created for other artists, click HERE.


Creativity Coaching:

Day Job_pannel1Are you feeling stuck? Do you believe that art is reserved for only those with “natural talent”? Are you having trouble showing up to your painting studio or sitting down to write? Are you struggling to find your inspiration or passion? Are you having trouble putting your work “out there”?

Creativity Coaching is a one-on-one 60 or 90 minute session that is specific to YOU and your creative process. Whether you consider yourself an ‘Artist’ or not, and no matter what stage of the creative process you’re in, Creativity Coaching can help you get out of a rut or take your work to new levels.

I strongly believe that every person is creative and every person is an artist. Don’t let what your Kindergarten teacher said about your macaroni self-portrait keep you from creating the art you want to. Contact me for more info or to set up an appointment.

Sessions are available in person, or over Skype or the phone.


Website Creation and/or Maintenance:

I can create a website for you from the ground up, or make changes in style or content for your current website. Whether you feel out-of-your-element when it comes to creating a site, or you just don’t have the time to keep yours up to date, I’m here to help.

My own websites are quite simple, because that’s my personal taste, but there’s a huge variety of styles and formats out there which can easily be tailored to you!


Clothing & Other Items for Sale:

Find more designs and items available for sale HERE.

My favorite topics include lgbtq+ and “de-motivational Sayings”. You can find t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, stickers, throw pillows, and phone cases and more!


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